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Lisa Prosen, Speaker, Author, and Intuitive Life Coach

Lisa Prosen is a passionate Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. She works with her clients so they can courageously look at their lives in new ways and navigate changes with newfound confidence. She helps them learn to balance between their sensitivity and the things they are committed to accomplishing, so they achieve the life they truly want to live. Founder of the popular Facebook group “Practical Solutions for The Highly Sensitive Soul”, Lisa is familiar with the shackles of perfectionism and how living life for other people, ultimately disappoints everybody.

Because of her triumphant personal journey, she now teaches her clients how to set themselves free by redefining who they are, changing their mindset to one that creates Soul Alignment and living their lives with tranquility, courage, and authenticity. As The Mind Pioneer, Lisa’s work involves helping her clients courageously look at their lives in new ways and navigate the changes that will get results!

As a Sensitive Soul and recovering people­-pleaser, she is very familiar with the shackles of perfectionism. Lisa helps clients set themselves free by working with them to redefine themselves, creating Soul Alignment, and living their lives wholeheartedly and authentically.

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