12 Guideposts E‐Course – A Guided Journey to Tranquility and Confidence

Congratulations, you are a Highly Sensitive Soul ™. For many sensitives, it is a huge relief just knowing you are not alone. The best news of all is there’s a way to live happily, while embracing your special gifts. You can finally take a deep breath knowing it is all going to be okay. In the past, this crucial information was only available in to my individual clients and group coaching programs. However, I know how life changing it is once in the hands of people that are ready to FEEL GOOD, so I have decided to make it available to you.

Imagine of you could:

  • Stay calm and peaceful in any situation
  • Feel content, regardless of your circumstances
  • Eliminate stress and frustration and start feeling good about life as a Highly Sensitive Soul™
  • Improve your relationships at work, home, and with friends
  • Eliminate fear of criticism about what other people are saying, thinking, or feeling
  • Finally feel confident about the choices you make in your life
In this self‐guided e‐course, twelve essential truths for living as a Highly Sensitive Soul are delivered twice weekly to your email inbox. This gives you important time to reflect on each new guidepost and practice it in your daily life. The ultimate goal is for each of these principles to become a part of your daily life.

This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • Experience the freedom of living your own truth
  • Take control of your future and your sense of well being
  • Love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY right now
  • Respect yourself in a way that causes others to respect you
  • Feel grateful in a way that fills you with serenity and joy on a daily basis
With my down to earth teaching, Guidepost Affirmations, and insightful journaling questions to guide you, this self‐discovery process will teach you what has been blocking you from feeling joyful, and what to focus on in order to finally feel in control.
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