Good News! You are not crazy! You
are probably a Highly Sensitive Soul.

I want to help you go from suffering sponge to energetically empowered

Here are some Key Resources for the HSS:

Grounding Meditation

The first thing I recommend you do is learn all about how to create a safe space around you so that you can find relief – right now.


Important Articles I recommend :

The Highly Sensitive Soul ™ is one who is seeking enlightenment and practical solutions with a strong desire to authentically express themselves through their work, their relationships, and their community. They are intuitive, empathetic, and true humanitarians who love all living things. They understand that they are unique in their gifts and abilities, and don’t usually feel comfortable in crowds. They are great listeners, but rarely feel understood by others. They are highly sensitive to the energy of all things around them. They thrive in environments where they feel accepted and understood. They flourish when they have support from kindred souls where they feel safe expressing their struggles, experiences, and dreams. Their ultimate desire is inner and outer tranquility and access to their courage, which they achieve through the process of Soul Alignment™.

Does this sound like you?

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Highly Sensitive Soul™ Coaching

Work one on one with Lisa for the most personal and customized option to create a true sense of Soul Alignment in your life.  Soul Alignment is achieved when there is harmony between your physical body, your emotional state, and your spiritual connection to the Universe, Source, God, Higher Power (whatever you believe).

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