Adelaide CarleaAdelaide Carlea

I've watched the recording last night, and i must say that you, Lisa, are one of the nicest, most down to earth, funny, practical , empathetic person that I've known. I loved everything about the recording including the cat meowing and the dog barking!! :)) your detailed way of explaining things and the entire program was tremendous. what I loved the most about the presentation was your explanation for the guided visualization in the forest.... I totally and completely loved your guiding of how to ground ourselves.!!! Like you, I will start saying to myself, add more layers, add more layers.... also, thank you for the PDF file!! I will definitely work on doing my own visualization in detail... you're awesome!

Dianne HeimbergerDianne Heimberger

For the very first time, I was able to handle an emotionally charged situation without so much as flinching. It was a wonderful feeling! Now that I'm getting more "in the know" on how I operate under duress and trying to figure out why, things seem to be coming together slowly.... It was the other person's problem, not mine. I normally would "FEEL" how the other person was feeling and how he would spill his bad vibes into the room over something so trivial. I normally would have internalized his feelings of frustration and anger and feel horrible for him, all while wanting to hide away from it physically. (And usually did) I did not act nor react. I simply closed my eyes, took a cleansing breath through my nose and "unclaimed" those feelings while staying calm myself! Afterwards I applauded myself inside my head and gave a smile to myself. I'm sure later today I will get an apology for the unkindly behavior. Thank You for the Solutions I practice for sensitive souls, Lisa Prosen, and all fellow page followers for all your

Kim ZKim Z

I have sought help with my personal growth with five different therapist throughout my life, and never ended up with positive results. Recently, Lisa started coaching me, and I finally feel someone 'gets me'. She understands sensitivity and empathy within a person and helps to empower those personality traits. She is encouraging, motivating and trustworthy. I highly recommend Lisa for a Life Coach. She has been my earth angel.

Janet A IzzoJanet A Izzo

I joined Practicing Solutions for Highly Sensitive Souls about 3 months ago. The revelations I have made reading the offered articles and other group members' posts have changed my life. I'm 52 years old and am feeling comfortable in my own skin for the first time. All thanks to Lisa's wonderful site.

Patte WhitlockPatte Whitlock

I could never thank you enough for the beautiful light you are in my life. I learned so much from you, it has seriously changed my life! I thank God for you! Thank you for your guidance, for coaching me in learning how to better my life. I will always carry with me all I've gained from you. God continue to bless you as you lead others into Truth!

Paul VanGageldonk

I would like to sincerely say thank you to all the members of this group and to Lisa Prosen for creating it. Your love and support over the last few months has been invaluable to me. For the first time in years I am truly happy and feel complete. In removing the negative from my life, I have in turn become a more positive person. This group has help me to achieve my new level of life hence why I writing,, to hopefully help at least one person. You are not alone.

Nelda Allen

I'm definitely, more readily catching on to when I'm about to take on someone else's emotions & have been able to stop myself & send it back to them. I can tell you that Lisa's Grounding Visualization lass is well worth paying attention to. You receive the recording of the class afterwards & can freshen up on what was taught. Also, Lisa sends you the guided visualization itself which is, in my estimation, pretty much priceless. I can't say that I've gotten really efficient at any of this yet, but I am seeing steady improvements for which I am very grateful.

Rubina Arshad

I joined Lisa Prosen's group, Practical Solutions for the Highly Sensitive Soul a few months ago. I can say with great conviction that my life has been blessed by Lisa's online group. It is Lisa's genuine concern to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of ordinary people, that really turns out 'happy folks' from people who were sad and depressed. I so appreciate Lisa's expertise. I really want to learn from her expert talent as I can relate to her manner of thinking.